The Kaska Woman Stolen by Cree

In this video Kaska Elder Mida Donnessey tells a short story about a Kaska woman who was abducted by Cree raiders. This woman later escaped from her capturers and returned to her homeland. The videos are saved in a Windows Media format and are aproximately 12 MB. To download them to your hard drive: In windows right click and save as. On a Mac alt and click.



Told by Tom Smith, translated by William Atkinson, recorded by Kate Hennessy. June 2004.


Our Country

Tagish Elder Lucy Wren, recorded by Norman James and Pat Moore. July 2005.

Dlēze, dlēze, yā gā́nhtān-ā?

Maggie Dick (Frances Lake dialect)


Kaska Alphabet Kʼū́géʼ

Leda Jules (Pelly Banks dialect)



Leda Jules (Pelly Banks dialect)


Dzīdze nesbéʼ, nasghosh nesbéʼ

Louise McDonald (Lower Liard dialect)


Djīdje astsats, dahwash astsats.

Alice Watson Brodhagen (Lower Liard dialect)


I am cutting with a knife, I am cutting caribou hide

Mida Donnessey (Liard dialect)


Jocelyn Wolftail talking about boarding school, speaking Kaska, and her work as a teacher

Maggie Dick talking about her mom, school, and handgames


Maggie Dick talking about her parents


Jocelyn Wolftail talking about land, family and sewing


Maggie Dick talking about growing up by Frances and helping out


Dorothy Smith and Mary Maje rive from Ross River to Watson Lake


Dorothy Smith tells a story about Robert Campbell, and the story of Kaska people fighting strangers at Grassy Lake


Dennis Porter talks about growing up and the importance of the Kaska language


Leda Jules talks about Lower Post Residential School


Clara Donnessey speaks about growing up, the importance of listening, and the changing weather


Mida Donnessey talks growing up and learning from her parents


Maggie Dick talks about her visit to Ross River


Mary Maje and Dorothy Smith talks about how parents were forced to send their children to Residential School and how people were forced to move off the land


Dorothy Smith talks about growing up and Residential School


Ann Szabo talks about how people used to managed the wolf population and the importance of sharing meat


Rose Caesar talks about problems with wolves in the village and her struggle to speak Kaska


Dennis and John Porter talking about living in the bush


Dorothy Smith talks about the negative impacts of alcohol


Dorothy Smith and Mary Maje speak about traditional restorative justice


Maudie Dick: Dzǫhdiéʼ Kills the Giant Worm


David Dick: The Woman Who Lived With the Grizzly Bear


John Dickson: The Girl Who Lived With Salmon


Hammond Dick: Man who was helped by loon