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Kaska Language Website

This website was created to house the Kaska language materials from the Kaska language courses that are jointly sponsored by the First Nations Languages Program (FNLG) at the University of British Columbia and the Kaska First Nations. The website is available for use by students in the language courses, by Kaska community members, and by others interested in learning Kaska.


Kaska is an Athabaskan language that is closely related to neighboring languages such as Talhtan, Sekani, Beaver, Slavey, Southern Tutchone and Northern Tutchone. Most Kaska live in the communities of Ross River and Watson Lake in the Yukon and in Lower Post, Good Hope Lake, and Fireside in British Columbia. The dialects of Kaska spoken in different regions differ somewhat in the pronunciation of words and in the terms that are used for certain expressions. Josephine Acklack has been the Kaska instructor for the UBC course and most of the material on the website is in her dialect.

Additional Kaska language materials, including the Kaska, Mountain Slavey, and Sekani noun dictionary, and a collection of Kaska narratives, are available from the Kaska Tribal Council. Anyone who is interested in obtaining these materials should contact Dorothy John, Language Coordinator, Kaska Tribal Council, Box 530, Watson Lake, Yukon (867-536-2805). A Kaska alphabet book is also available from the Liard First Nation. Anyone who would like to obtain a copy of this resource should contact Kathy Magun, Director of Education, Liard First Nation, Box 328, Watson Lake, Yukon (867-536-2912)

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